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Welcome to Home Cookin’ Studios

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*UPDATE* the newest CD: The newest CD, Tall Grass is now here.
Here you will find my Native American style flute CD’s, including the backing track CD to improvise along with, Digital downloads are now available, PLUS the Gemini Project CD that I collaborated with my friend Kel to raise money and awareness for a wounded warrior and the NEWEST addition in the Journeys CD, of live music from the interwebs. A new addition are the mixing and mastering services you might want to check out. Check out the blog section to find pictures and videos of live playing over the internet. Since this a newly revamped site it will be continually updated. Here is where i can be found most Saturday nights, broadcasting live from 8 till midnight, Central time, on the internet. The Jimtzu flute room, drop on in sometime.
I’ve been writing and recording my original music, in many styles, for quite a while. Having played guitar and other instruments for 25+ years before picking up the Native American style flute, it was a natural transition from improvising melodies to, what is called in the flute world, “playing from the heart”.

How the flutes entered my life goes like this… A friend of mine’s mother, who was on vacation had an accident and wound up in a small hospital. While recuperating in the hospital she heard the sounds of a flute being played by a minister who would walk the halls playing and visiting the patients. The sound had such a positive effect on her that my friend found out what the instrument was and got a hold of one in order to learn to play it for her mother, even though she’d never played an instrument before. A couple of months later, after hearing this story, there was a small festival in my town where I happened upon these same style of flutes in a store that had just opened up. I picked one up and found that it was easy for me to play and enjoyed the sound and the possibilities that were
Present in this little stick with holes in it. My intention was to learn to play it to be able to teach my friend, but as things go, I’ve not had the chance yet…………….but maybe someday….
Since then it’s been an interesting journey that has led me down paths I never thought i’d take…..